You need:

Exterior fabric: canvas or quilting weight

Interior fabric: quilting weight


-woven fusible (Pellon SF 101 or similar) if you use quilting weight fabric

-medium weight (Pellon 931TD or similar) if you use canvas

Nylon coil zipper and zipper pull ( I got #5 weight from amazon REALLY GOOD DEAL!)

1/2” swivel clip (optional)


Pattern pieces:

A) Rectangular exterior fabric

B) Rectangular interior fabric same size as exterior fabric

C) Rectangular interfacing cut 1/4″-to- 1/2” smaller  than exterior fabric

D) Zipper tape cut a couple inches longer than long side of rectangle and slider with pull

E) Optional swivel clip tab 2″ x 2″ exterior fabric

F) Optional edge finish piece 1-1/2″ wide and 1-to-2 inches longer than short side of rectangle


  1. Press your fabric and cut out the pattern pieces. You can copy mine for large sunglasses or a small purse/cosmetics bag (15″ x 4.5″ exterior/lining and 14.5″ x 4″ interfacing)  or you can measure the dimensions of your phone, sunglasses, existing bag, etc and double it on the long axis( to create the fold) and add 1” for seam allowances.
  2. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the exterior fabric according to the instructions.
  3. Pin the bottom edge of the exterior and lining fabric faces/right sides together. Align and pin the zipper with the  tape side out and the backside facing the lining (zipper teeth hidden between the sandwich and facing the right side of the exterior fabric).
  4. Use a zipper foot to carefully stitch along the zipper edge around 1/4 away from the teeth. Carefully press the exterior and lining away from the zipper and topstitch along the zipper edge.
  5. Align the edges of the exterior fabric and trim the zipper chain to even length. Thread the teeth into the zipper pull as evenly as possible and zip to center.
  6. Pull the exterior fabric inside out and mark the fold point by pinning. Unzip the zipper halfway and continue to pin exterior and lining. Edgestitch both sides. Sew the lining with about 1/4” more seam allowance than the exterior. Clip the corners, turn the bag right side out, and neaten the corners. IMG_2437
  7.  If you’re adding a swivel clip make a fabric strip by taking a 2”x 1-3/4” strip of exterior fabric, book folding it long ways (hot dog)  and pressing. Folding the raw edges into the middle, find the appropriate width to fit your swivel clip and press. Top stitch along the open side, or both if that’s your preference. IMG_2443
  8. Turn the bag inside out again. Align the raw edges and pin. Add the optional swivel clip near the mouth of the bag if you want.  Sew along the raw edge twice with seam lines 1/4” apart. Be VERY CAREFUL sewing over the zipper. Nylon coil should move out of the way of the needle, but occasionally it hangs up, so go slow and use the hand wheel if necessary. Backstitch at the top and bottom. Cut very close to the seam line. IMG_2445
  9. (optional edge finish) Take a scrap piece that is at least 1.5” wide and 1” longer than the bag is tall.  Pin with right sides together along raw edge of zipper pouch, edges matching, and even space at top and bottom. Sew along the 1/4” seam. Press the fabric out and fold to meet other side, tucking in raw edges. Press then fold the edges under the scrap. Carefully pin and be very mindful of the swivel clip and zipper as you sew and back stitch along the folded edge.

Turn your bag right side out and admire your work! IMG_2465

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